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Dear colleagues and friends!

We invite you to Russian capital city of Moscow to take a part in Third Plenum of the Board of Russian Obstetrical Anesthesiologists and Intensivists Association. It has been more than five years since the foundation of the Association. During this time we have developed stable traditions. One of those traditions is holding Plenum of the Board in Moscow. The product of our joint work at this moment are more than 100 educational forums in Russia and abroad. This summer we have released the third, updated and revised edition of Clinical guidelines and protocols of treatment on anesthesia intensive care and resuscitation in obstetrics and gynecology. The upcoming Plenary session is dedicated to Sir James Simpson, who became a pioneer in use of anesthesia for childbirth, and also adorns the logo of our Association.

Plenums and Congresses held by the Association obtained a new international format, which determines the cooperation of two national associations and invited speakers from Europe, Asia, Middle East and America. This time the historical building of the hotel "Ukraina" was chosen as a platform. This location is a great opportunity to participate in the Plenum directly in the tourist center of Moscow.

This time the Association will give to participants of the Plenum an opportunity to get acquainted with the mosaic of approaches methods and techniques of anesthesia presented by the world practice of obstetrical anesthesiologists. Undoubtedly the primary task of the Plenum is to provide participants with up to date information, but the opportunity to review the global practice promises to be a valuable addition to what participants will see. An original approach, a fresh look at trivial tasks, innovative methods of anesthesia and information about advanced research - that is what we expect for the speakers from all over the world.

What is Expected?

In September 2019, you will find a real kaleidoscope of meetings with anesthesiologists and obstetricians from all over the world. Beside European colleagues there will be leading experts from many countries of the world who were invited to the Plenum. This time the geography is really impressive, representatives from South-East Asia, Middle East and Latin America are expected among the speakers. Russia will be represented by leaders of obstetric anesthesiology, highly qualified specialists who you already know by the educational forums which were held by the Association in Russian regions. All lectures will be provided with high quality simultaneous translation.

You will find the fourth edition of Clinical guidelines and Treatment protocols 2019 in the participant's bag.

We will be glad to see you at the event! Registration for the Plenum is already open!

September 21—23





Efim Shifman

Efim Shifman

PhD. Professor. President of the Russian Obstetrical Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists Association, Professor, Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive care, Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute (MONIKI) n.a. M.F. Vladimirskiy, Honored doctor of the Republic of Karelia, expert in anesthesiology and resuscitation of the Federal health supervision service, member of the Presidium of the Federation of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators (FAR), member of the Editorial Board of the journal «Anesthesiology and resuscitation»

Alexander Kulikov

Alexander Kulikov

PhD. Professor. Vice-President of the Russian Obstetrical Anaesthesiologists and Intensivists Association, Professor, Department of anesthesiology, resuscitation, toxicology and transfusiology Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «The Urals State Medical University» of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, member of the Board of the Federation of Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators (FAR), the Chairman of FAR Committee of issues of anesthesia and intensive therapy in obstetrics and gynecology, member of the Editorial Board of the journal «Anesthesiology and reanimatology»

Oleg Philippov

Oleg Philippov

PhD. Professor. Deputy Director, Department of medical care for children and obstetrical care service, Ministry of healthcare of the Russian Federation

Denis Protsenko

Denis Protsenko

MD. Associate Professor of the Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Head of the State clinical hospital n.a. S. S. Yudin, Supernumerary Chief anesthesiologist and resuscitator of the Department of healthcare of Moscow

Alexander Ronenson

Alexander Ronenson

Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, Regional clinical perinatal center n.a. E.M. Bakunina of the Tver region, scientific editor of the online journal Obstetric Anesthesia Digest

Will act with the lecture:
Volemic status in the postpartum period : past, present, future...
Nuala Lucas

Nuala Lucas

Consultant Anaesthetist, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, Middlesex UK. Honorary Secretary of the Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association & Chair of the Education Sub-committee.Editorial Board International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia (IJOA) Anaesthetic Co-lead, MBRRACE-UK, the maternal confidential death enquiries in the UK
(Great Britain)

Ronald B. George

Ronald B. George

MD FRCPC Professor, Dalhousie University Department of Anesthesia, Pain Management, and Perioperative Medicine

Will act with the lecture:
  • Labour analgesia - Nitrous oxide
  • Modern labour analgesia - PIEB

  • Mike Kinsella

    Mike Kinsella

    Consultant Obstetric Anaesthetist, St Michael's Hospital, Bristol, UK. Council member of the Association of Anaesthetists, Editor of Anaesthesia journal

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Vasopressors for hypotension at caesarean section with spinal anaesthesia - international consensus statement
  • Use of uterotonics at caesarean section - international consensus statement.



    MBBS, MD, DA (UK), FRCA FHKCA, FHKAM Scientific Convener of the Asia Oceanic Society of Regional Anaesthesia (AOSRA) Professor, Director of Paediatric Anaesthesia Department of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Michael James PAECH

    Michael James PAECH

    Emeritus Professor Obstetric Anaesthesia The University of Western Australia Senior Specialist Anaesthetist Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, King Edward Memorial Hospital. Co-author of two text-books, over 200 peer-reviewed articles, including over 130 original scientific articles.  

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Evidence based management of post-dural puncture headache
  • General anaesthesia for caesarean delivery: changes in practice and outcomes

  • Gabriella Bettelli

    Gabriella Bettelli

    Doctor Consultant Anaesthetist Specialist in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Specialist in Cardiology MSc in Geriatric Medicine Educational Coordinator, 2nd Level Master In Perioperative Geriatric Medicine, University of San Marino Past Director  Dpt of Anaestesia, Intensive Care, Day Surgery and Pain Therapy and Geriatric Surgery Area IRCCS INRCA – Italian National Research Centres on Aging, Ancona  

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Geriatric female surgical patients: what anaesthetists should consider in preoperative anaesthesia consultation?
  • Perioperative care of the geriatric surgical female patient.

  • Bulat Tuyakov

    Bulat Tuyakov

    Consultant-anesthetist WSS Hospital in the Olsztyn, Collegium Medicum Warmia and Mazury University. Chair of Warmia and Mazury Ward Polish Society of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

    Susilo Chandra

    Susilo Chandra

    MD FRCA Staff of Department of Anesthesiology and Therapy Intensive Chipto Mangunkusmo General Hospital University of Indonesia, Medical Faculty Board of director of Obstetric Anesthesia Society of Asian and Oceania (OASAO) World Society of Intraveneous of Anesthesia (SIVA)
    (Indonesia )

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Enhanced recovery after C section

  • Natalia Pylaeva

    Natalia Pylaeva

    MD, Associate professor, Department Anesthesiology Resuscitation and Emergency medical care, Faculty of  highest medical qualification and postgraduate medical education, Medical academy n.a. S. I. Georgievsky (structural division) of The Crimean Federal University n.a. V. I. Vernadsky.

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Role of antithrombin III in a prognosis, early diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia and its complications.

  • Ruth Landau

    Ruth Landau

    Professor Ruth Landau is the Virginia Apgar Professor of Anesthesiology, the Chief of the Division of Obstetric Anesthesia at Columbia and the Director of the Center for Precision Medicine in the Department of Anesthesiology at the Columbia University Medical Center.



    Department of Anaesthesiology, Faculty of Medicine University of Malaya Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur QUALIFICATIONS MBBS (Malaya) (1981) FFARCS (Dublin) (1986) CAREER PATHS 1. House Officer (1981 – 1982) 2. Medical Officer (1982 – 1984) 3. Registrar in Anaesthesia (1984 – 1986) 4. Lecturer (1986 – 1992) 5. Associate Professor (1992 – 2002) 6. Professor (2002 – current)

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Management of the High Risk Obstetric Parturient
  • Two lives: the anatomy and physiology of death

  • Conniel D’Cruz

    Conniel D’Cruz

    MD, DPBA, FPSA Professor of Anesthesiology, UP College of Medicine Philippine General Hospital

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Anaesthesia for parturients with neurovascular diseases
  • Techniques for labour analgesia in the 3 stages of labor

  • Warwick Ngan Kee

    Warwick Ngan Kee

    Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, Sidra Medicine, Doha, Qatar Professor of Anesthesiology, Weill Cornell Medicine - Qatar Honorary Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Will act with the lecture:
  • Management of Breakthrough Pain during Caesarean section
  • Topping up a Labour Epidural Catheter for C- Section: Where, How and With What?

  • Ezzat Samy Aziz

    Ezzat Samy Aziz

    Prof Ezzat Samy Aziz MBBCh MD FRCA FFARCSI MSc DA(UK) Prof of Anaesthesia Cairo University Egypt Part time consultant anaesthetist, Royal Chesterfield, UK President of the African Society of Regional Anaesthesia AFSRA Member of the professional well being committee , World Federation of Societies of Anesthesiologists WFSA )

    Grace Herbosa

    Grace Herbosa

    Professor and Chair of Anesthesiology University of the Philippines, College of Medicine, Manila Executive Committee, AARS (Asian Australasian Regional Section of the World Federation Societies in Anaesthesia) 2014- 2018. Executive Committee. Obstetric Anesthesia Society for Asia and Oceania(OASAO) 2005 to present Professor and Chair, Department of Anesthesiology, UP College of Medicine, Philippine General Hospital 2019-2021 Vice President, Philippine Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesia 2016- present Chair, Thoracic and Cardiovascular Anesthesia Council 2018- 2021


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